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Efficient PPC Review-Take your PPC Campaign to Highest Level-Review-Now $68 Off

The Cheapest PPC Campaign Building Software you Ever seen!!!

What is Efficient PPC?

Efficient PPC Software is a campaign building software for PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing engines, that enables you to create high-volume and top-quality campaigns, with minimal effort, using basic keywords related to the topic of your campaign.

Now stop the endless time spending on building your pay per click campaigns. With Efficient PPC you can build high-relevance, high Quality Score Google AdWords campaigns in seconds, and generate massive, cheap and relevant traffic to your website.

Why Upgrade to Efficient PPC

  • Millions of keyword combinations
  • Unique ad copy for each keyword
  • Smaller, more relevant Ad Groups
  • Unique tracking information for each keyword
  • Different bid for each match type
  • High speed performance
  • Built in keyword lists
  • Free professional forum support

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EfficientPPC Team Where they are discussing a lot of thing on EfficientPPC along with what is new in latest version.

Product Overview:-

Efficient PPC uses a sophisticated engine to take your basic keywords and phrases, and combine them into tens of thousands relevant key phrases. You can also use the built in keyword lists to make your campaigns even more relevant.Efficient PPC then takes these key phrases and divide them into Ad Groups and campaigns, and creates AdWords Editor readable files you can copy directly to AdWords Editor.

Top 10 PPC Tools you can use with EfficientPPC

Free PPC tools are more common than spammy ebooks. Here’s the handful of top-notch tools I use every week:

  1. Keyword Discovery / Wordtracker
    Keyword Discovery
    - my favourite paid-for PPC tool - has a top notch free demo. Wordtrackers two hour free demo is also priceless for PPC users on a budget. You’ll need to create accounts to try the tools, but some of my *cough* friends have a lot of email addresses

  2. Turbo Powered Typo Generator
    PPC typo traffic can work wonders - particularly with trademark-blocked keywords on Google. This typo generator offers more control over output than most.

  3. Keyword Country
    Keyword discovery and competition benchmarking during site review of existing sites. This is a good tool for those people focused more on content development and who need help on how to choose anchor text. It is also useful for finding keywords with high Click Though Rates to predict results for Key Performance Indicators. The tool provides the ability to review competitor keywords and search engines that they competition is using. Keyword Country also shows number of pages on competitor’s sites using certain keywords so you can target content for future development.Nice to have for content suggestions component during first 90 days. If you are a content heavy site then you may want this ongoing.
    Price: $99 for 3 month

  4. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
    Keyword research means more than powering up the AdWord’s keyword tool. Aaron Wall’s keyword tool aggregates keyword data from Google, Overture Yahoo Search Marketing, Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery.

  5. Keyword Domination
    Useful for keyword discovery while building a target keyword list and comparing that list across languages. This resource has an enhanced international suggestion tool. This tool is useful for keyword suggestions that are imbedded in content and long-tail keywords that might not show up in other tools.
    When to use: Nice to have for international component during first 30 days of an internationally relevant project.
    Price: $97/month

  6. AdWords Wrapper
    Making use of match types is a must with AdWords. One click formats your keywords into AdWords’ broad, phrase, exact or negative match, all offered on one simple results page.

  7. Open Office
    Spreadsheets are irreplaceable for generating keyword lists from data feeds. Don’t want to shell out $200 for Excel? Open Office (XP, OS X and more) is a decent open source substitute, albeit lacking some of Excel’s fancy features.

  8. Combine Words: Use this pay per click tool to create combinations of keywords for use in a Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, adCenter or Pay Per Click PPC campaign.
  9. Keyword Geo Targeting and Wrapping Tool: Add city, state, and/or zip codes your keyword list, and then choose how to wrap them with this Geo Targeting Keyword Tool

  10. Google Traffic Estimator: Get quick traffic estimates for new keywords without adding them to an account or using the AdWords sign-up wizard.

Key Features:-

Efficient PPC's key features are:

  • Supports Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.
  • Combines your basic keywords with built in keywords to create plenty of long-tail relevant keywords.
  • Divides your keyword combinations into small, more relevant Ad Groups (down to 1 keyword per Ad Group).
  • Creates a unique text ad for each keyword combination.
  • Enables creation of more than one campaign at a time.
  • Supports ROI tracking at the keyword level.
  • Create files that AdWords Editor can read.
  • Detects problems with the campaigns before the campaigns are created.
  • Enables saving campaigns and keyword lists for later use.
  • Enables duplicating campaigns and text ads for quicker work.

What else same product in Market already cost you 500$.
Get it today in

  • Three months program (US $52 for a month)
    A total of $156 in a one-time payment.

  • Half year program (US $39 for a month)
    A total of $234 in a one-time payment.

  • One year program (US $29 for a month)
    A total of $348 in a one-time payment.

  • Life-time program
    A total of $468 in a one-time payment : Best Buy (Order Today)
  • (68$ OFF Now only 400$)

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You need only 156$ to have Efficient PPC for a 3 month!!!

Order Now before your Competitor does

Compare Efficient PPC to its competitors:

Efficient PPC Speed PPC PPC Keyword Generator
Google AdWords Support-
Microsoft adCenter Support-
Maximum number of keyword lists combination524
Combination types531
Ad Group dividing optionsUnlimited4-
Create unique text ad for each keyword-
Create multiple campaigns at once--
Automatic split of large Ad Groups--
Automatic split of large campaigns--
Built in keyword lists82-
Downloadable keyword lists-
Keywords editor--
Fast campaign duplicating--
Automatic campaign error detection--
Supports unique destination URL per keyword
Project saving and loading
Running platformDesktopDesktopDesktop

How Efficient PPC can help you to Earn more money?
  • First a relatively obscure niche in clickbank, a highly competitive niche will be difficult to break into with direct linking. Obscure little niches work great with direct linking though, as long as they has a decent sales page and a viable market.
  • Clean up junk keywords out of your keyword list
  • Use EfficientPPC to setup a ONE keyword per adgroups campaign, with two unique ads per adgroup
  • While you’re setting up your campaign with EfficientPPC, Setup clickbank tids for each keyword. There’s a number of ways of doing this, the easier way is to simply assign a number to each keyword and use that number as your tid (since clickbank severely limits of the tid to 8 characters you can’t use the keyword itself). This is critical to your success, you need to be able to track which keywords are actually making sales.
  • Launch your campaign on Adwords with a starting bid of 0.20. Closely monitor your campaign. (1) if you’re getting virtually zero traffic, up your bids. (2) If your getting lots of traffic ( > 500 clicks) and zero sales, you’ve probably got a dud, move on (3) If your getting traffic and consistent sales, you’ve got a winner, now you need to optimize and make it profitable!


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